Hello and Welcome

My name is Bella Hibbs and I am a Casting Director. I am a member of the Arizona Production Association and The American Federation of Advertising/PHX Ad Club. I have had the privilege of serving as a lead casting director for hundreds of commercials, films, and fitness and fashion projects in Arizona since 2011.

Trained by my mother who's reputation and experience is widespread, I am fortunate to have had the very best mentor for casting. For me, casting is about discovering what makes a person unique and then finding a way to show that on camera so that the client can see the spirit of the actor.

With a degree in hospitality, and as an avid health and fitness blogger and competitor, I also like to think that I can inspire actors and clients alike to be their best personal self in all that they do, and as a result, putting heart into the production by giving them an authentic cast.

Office: (602) 218-5051

Bella's cell: (480) 318-5767 (reserved for production clients and talent representatives only)

Actors should go to our RESOURCES tab and only call us directly if they have a bonafide emergency their talent representative is unable to assist them with.

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