Actors Submission Guidelines

Good Faith Casting, LLC maintains an "open submission" policy. This means that any actor, even if they are unrepresented, can submit for consideration on our projects. Although we primarily turn to our preferred agents list to find talent, we believe in giving all actors an opportunity to submit and be considered. Our production clients love that we can show them "fresh" new faces for castings.

Training Workshops & Events

Workshops are taught once per month to help actors of all ages improve their audition skills. Who better to teach auditioning than the person who spends her days auditioning actors? Over the years, and thousands of auditions later, we have been able to put together an original “method” for auditioning that has quickly become very popular. The Communication Method© was born from Faith Hibbs-Clark's educational background in communications and psychology and her previous work serving as a communications expert for all types of private individuals ranging from politicians, trial attorneys, CEO’s and even some federal agents seeking to learn more about her insights into non-verbal communications and deception detection. This background led to an auditioning method for actors that combines talent with science and helps to demystify the audition process and empower actors.


Workshops taught by Good Faith Casting are for educational purposes only and should not be considered an audition. If you are interested in learning A LOT from trusted professionals then you will find these workshops very valuable. Good Faith Casting LLC follows CSA workshop guidelines. We also regularly volunteer and speak at no cost at various non-profit industry events and festivals giving training opportunities to all actors.

Actor Policies to Note

  • We are not an agency and we do not represent actors
  • We do not take cold calls
  • We do not receive payments or commissions from actors
  • We do not process payment to actors or issue checks
  • We do not process renewal or residual payments
  • We do not guarantee castings or work
  • We do not charge a fee to be in our database
  • We do not provide private interviews/consultation in person or over the phone
  • We do not confirm receipt of submissions

Best Way to Find Out About Our Castings

The best way for an actor to be a part of our castings is to be represented by one of the agents on our preferred agents list.

The best way to keep up with what is casting, who is cast, and to see set photos of our projects is to LIKE US on Facebook.


How to Submit to Our Office to Be in our Free Private Database

Send an email to with the words NEW TALENT in the subject line.

Your email should include your name, agency if represented, union status, height, weight, cell number, email address, city and zip.

Your new talent submission should also include a current photo of you taken in the last year. Your photo should be 150 dpi or less. If you have a resume, you may also attach your resume. Preferred resume format is a PDF.

The database we maintain is for private internal use only and is not posted online or shared with any other entity.


How to Submit to Our Office for a Specific Casting

Each casting has slightly different requirements for submissions. Please follow the instructions provided in the casting notice.

Audition Policies


Actors should arrive on time but not be late. Actors who arrive more than 15 minutes early will be asked to come back at a time closer to their appointment time.


No more than one parent or guardian should attend a child's audition. Parents will not be permitted to be inside the audition room during the audition process.

Phone Calls

Actors who are late or lost should call their agent not our office.

No Shows and Last Minute Cancellations

Actors who CONFIRM an appointment with our office and then cancel less than 24 hours prior or who “no show” without a documented emergency cause will be placed on a 6 month probationary period where they will not be invited to any castings during that time period.

Social Media Release

By attending an audition you give permission to Good Faith Casting LLC to release non-private casting data such as actor name, name of project as well as audition photos on social media. If you wish to not be included in social media posts please alert our office prior to auditioning.